To Build Your Own Tests Big Data

Powerful statistic analysis, from any aspect analysis the data for you, helps you improve your students' learning easily.

Comprehensive statistical analysis

Comprehensive range of statistics for each Exam, Group, User and Question, including exam scores, exam completion time and the most did wrong & right questions.

Across all platforms

We have designed for support all the available devices, such as all the mobiles, tablet, and PC. The unified user experience make all platform behavior same.

Build your own big data

Build your own big data Build your own exams taken big data, learn more about your students, learn more about teaching, leading you to the success.

LAN Test Maker is the software you need

LAN Test Maker is a revolutionary LAN based testing system designed to give you an incredible level of control of how you present testing, quizzing, exams.and assignments.

Powerful statistics & analysis system With detailed charts from 4+ aspect

LAN Exam Maker provides you with an powerful yet user friendly statistics and analysis system, and also with detailed statistical charts, helps you manage the students study trends, improve the academic performance

High Performance Support 600+ stu take testing at same time

LAN Exam Maker builds on Apache and PHP and have been optimized to high performance, it can supports 600+ students take testing at the same time, meets your needs.

Robust Student Subset System With wrong questions collection and testing review

LAN Exam Maker supports you import students, and students can login into the system to view their own wrong questions collection, view the taken record, review the tests and study the knowledge

The Awesome Benefits

of going testing with LAN Exam Maker

Detailed statistical charts Data is more intuitive with charts

We have collected many aspect data of the testing, and show the data to you by charts, like score distribution chart, test taken time distribution etc

Build testing with random questions a fast way to build a testing

You have many questions in your questions bank, you can now select randomized questions to your tests.

Customize Brand Information With logo and title

You can customize the brand information, company name, school name or your own logo

Manage students with group Group students easily

Group your students, and assign them with same or different tests, then you can do the A/B test, this will be a much easy way to test your students

Group questions & exams Manage questions and exams with group

With LAN Exam Maker, you can manage questions and exams with group, create a new group is very simple, and you can also specify a image for each test

30+ test setting options Fully customize your test

LAN Exam Maker have got more than 30 setting options of each test, like available time, can take time, time limit, display instruction and etc.

Import Students from Excel A simple way to take data

You can import your students to LAN Exam Maker by upload a excel file in a simple format, then you can let them take the testing right now

Generate the QR code of the exam QR code make do tests easy on mobile devices

LAN Exam Maker will generate the QR code of the URL doing each test, exam, you can let's your students scan the QR code with their phone or iPad to take the test

Import multiple questions at a time Simple edit your questions in a text editor

Add questions to the LAN Exam Maker question bank is very easy and fast, and also, you can upload a text file to import 30+ questions at a time

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