we are pleased to release a new version. Our LAN Exam Maker has updated to V 4.5.4.

In this new version, we had added some functions, optimized some features as well as fixing some bugs.

 Here are the detailed information: 

1.Added the new function to batch upload ID photos of candidates;
2.Added the function to customize css in the display page;
3.Added the function to customize the information list of candidates in taking record page;
4.Optimized the display effect of ID photo of candidates in taking record page;
5.Optimized the paging effect of candidates management;
6.Fixed the problem that it showed the wrong score of the random test;
7.Fixed the bug of randomly pulling out questions about fixed test paper;
8.Fixed the problem that the dates of absent candidates in taking record was incorrect;
9.Fixed the bug which would appear when viewing the group information of candidates management;
10.Fixed the problem that the back up data was too large to export and restore;
11.Fixed the problem that when deleting the taking records, the taking times still existed;
12.Fixed the problem that the setting of display page can not be saved;
13.Fixed the problem that the system did not show the importing information when importing questions for the first time;
14.Fixed the problem that users could not import pictures when importing questions by word files;
15.Fixed the problem that users could not modified their personal information.


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There are many online testing, quiz software out there, and also LAN based tools, such as LAN Exam Maker published by SMLME, then, whether I should choose the online one or the LAN based one? Here is some comparison.

What is LAN

LAN is stands for local area network.  A local area network is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link to a server. Typically, a LAN encompasses computers and peripherals connected to a server within a small geographic area such as an office building or home. Computers and other mobile devices can share resources such as a printer or network storage.

Say it simply, if you have a router, and you build a WiFi with it, you and your friends have connect to the WiFi , then, we say you have build a LAN, so, to build a LAN is very simple, everyone can do it. 

LAN Exam Maker is the best LAN based examination, quizzing system, it gives you more benefits, we have listed some of them below.
  1. Build your own big data with the exams taken records
  2. Comprehensive statistical analysis for exams, students, questions
  3. Students can do the exams on all the platforms, such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.
  4. Comprehensive full customize, we have supplied more than 20 settings.
  5. Can display user's own brand on the exam page.
  6. Organize students in groups
  7. Import students from excel files
  8. Score distribution map of students
  9. Generator the QR code of the exam
  10. Students can login to view their taken exam record and re-taken exam
  11. Buy once, lifetime free upgrade
  12. Easy to use

Free Download LAN Exam Maker right now.

BitsDujour have scaned LanExamMaker v2.2, and following is the antivirus software scan result.