Create a exam with LanExamMaker is very easy, it only need 3 steps, takes only few minutes. The steps will be introduced below.

Click the exams menu link in the left side of the dashboard page, after you have been log in, in the top right part of the exams manager page there is a new exam button, click the new exam button, the basic information page will shown with you

Add a new student to LAN Exam Maker, so he or she can login in and take the exams you have assign to the group the student belongs to.


Before you add a new student, you should have a group, so let us create a group first.

Go to the dashboard, navigate to the group page

New Student Dashboard

When you have got student on LAN Exam Maker, then your students can login to the LAN Exam Maker to take the exams you assigned to them.

Let your students navigate to the URL of LanExamMaker, like

PS: You can find the URL of LanExamMaker like the following image shows you

Dashboard Of LAN Exam Maker

Display you  own logo on the pages will very important, and setting this is very easy.

Open the LanExamMaker dashboard

LAN Exam Maker dashboard
LAN Exam Maker dashboard

at the top right, move your mouse over it, where will be a menu, find the setting menu item, click it.

as the above image shows, you can use a text logo or a image logo. 

With LAN Exam Maker, this is a very simple way to import questions, this tutorials will give some details on it, please following the steps to make it your self.

1. Download the questions template

Open LAN Exam Maker, in the dashboard

Click the import question button